Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What types of communications can I assess with this tool?
    • A threat can be broadly defined as a stated or implied intent to do harm. This includes disturbing communications in which no explicit threat is made.

  • Are there minimum or maximum length limits?
    • There is no minimum word count. There is a limit of 2 MB in the text box. Email us if you have a threat larger than that and we will analyze it for you.

  • I have a handwritten communication – Can I use the tool without typing the letter?
    • No.

  • If a target has received many short messages, should they be assessed together or separately?
    • To remain consistent with the development methodology, they should be assessed separately.

  • When should I indicate that the threatener has contacted the target more than once?
    • If the threatener has reached out to the target more than once in any way, such as approached, emailed, called, sent gifts to, etc, check the box.

  • Can we use Threat Triage as evidence for action in a court case?
    • Depends on the jurisdiction and relevant case history.

  • I received a General Website Error when submitting a communication. What happened?
    • Does your communication contain angle brackets? If your communication contains angle brackets (i.e. < >, also known as greater than/less than signs) the communication will be rejected due to the possibility of malicious code within angle brackets. Removing the brackets, or changing them to parentheses or another symbol, will allow the communication to be processed without error.

      Please Contact Us if the problem persists.