Welcome to Threat Triage

Threat Triage is a web-based tool designed for security professionals to assess threatening communications regarding the likelihood of targeted violence.

A psycholinguistic content analysis tool, Threat Triage is capable of evaluating large amounts of written communication in a matter of minutes.

Immediate, Evidence-Based Results

Threat Triage’s quick response allows security organizations to assess and prioritize threatening communication for better allocation of resources to investigate and ultimately prevent serious crimes.

Threat Triage is unique in that it can evaluate threats from both known, as well as unknown, or falsely named sources...the guise under which most suspicious threats occur.

Threat Triage can evaluate the threat level of an unknown source because it relies on the linguistic attributes of the threatening communication, NOT the behavioral characteristics of the individual.

Threat Triage was developed from established psycholinguistic research and is supported by results that have tested the product against real threats with known/proven outcomes.

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