Threat Triage is a joint collaboration between Social Science Automation, Inc and Forensic Psycholinguistics, LLC.

Social Science Automation

Since 1997, Social Science Automation, Inc. has provided state-of-the-art automated text analysis products and services to business, government, and academic clients. Founded by Dr. Michael Young and Dr. Margaret Hermann, the company identified a need within government organizations for automated text analysis services and expert consultation. Since then, Social Science Automation, Inc. has diversified its offerings to include solutions for media analysis, campaign and election media evaluation, athlete achievement, and forensic psycholinguistics. Our breadth of offerings in various vertical markets offers a wide range of expertise, all rooted in our core competency of automated text analysis.

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Forensic Psycholinguistics

Forensic Psycholinguistics was founded by Dr. Sharon Smith, a consultant to intelligence and security-related governmental agencies; law enforcement agencies; security directors for high profile/high net-worth individuals, corporations and physical structures; and attorneys. She provides consultations and assessments in the following areas:

  • threat assessment,
  • criminal and corporate psychopathy,
  • offender behavior,
  • crime scene assessment,
  • detection of deception,
  • interviewing techniques for criminal and violent offenders, and
  • school and workplace violence.

Sharon is a retired FBI Special Agent with a 25-year career including: a nearly nine year assignment at the FBI's elite Behavioral Science Unit (BSU).

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